MFF counts on young players. Moldovan Football Federation will offer prizes to football teams

The football clubs from Republic of Moldova will be financially paid by the Profile Federation, if they promote young players.

The money gathered from the legitimation of foreign football players will be assigned  to the number of players under 21 years, who will play the matches within the National Division.

This idea belongs to Speranta Nisporeni and was presented at the Professional Football Commission.

 Presently, the cubs pay 60 thousand lei for each foreign player.

"This will be a stimulus. One of the teams will use many players under 21, but other one will use just one. This is not right. We will divide the sum correctly", said Pavel Ciobanu, FMF President.

When the new season will start, the championship of the reserve teams for all 10 formations of the National Division.

"There will be legitimated only football players under 21 years. Then, we will see what other people from the team will play. We study the championships of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine where there are big reserves in the first year", said Pavel Ciobanu.

According to the competition's system, the Moldovan Championship will start on March and will be ended on November 2018.

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