MFA Nicu Popescu doesn't believe in the future of the Sandu Government: I don't have many reasons to believe that we will be that oasis of political stability


Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicu Popescu believes that the government of Maia Sandu will not last long. The declaration was made by the chief of Moldovan diplomacy at a meeting with diaspora in USA. The meeting took place at the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Washington.

“Ok, what’s the plan with the coalition: for the last 10 years, Moldova had seen 6 governments, if I am not mistaken; I think that for the next 10 years Moldova will have, more or less, also 6 governments. I don’t have many reasons to believe that we will be that oasis of political stability, which we don’t see in Europe today”, stated Popescu.

 Moreover, the Minister of Foreign Affairs insinuated that snap elections are inevitable.

“What’s the plan regarding snap elections? Well, I would be surprised if this government would be exceptional and would last for 4 years”, said Nicu Popescu.

The statements of the Minister of Maia Sandu’s Government come in contradiction to what declared today President Igor Dodon. After the Republican Council of the Socialists Party, President mentioned that all the circumstances make him believe that the alliance between ACUM and PSRM will last until the end of the term, which is 4 years.


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