Metropolis of Moldova is accused of intellectual property theft

Metropolis of Bessarabia requested National Commission of Heraldry to disapprove the coat of arms recently presented by Metropolis of Moldova.

Bishops, subordinate of the Romanian Orthodox Church, claim that elements seen in the coat of arms actually belongs to Metropolis of Bessarabia and is therefore, intellectual property theft.

They also declared that Metropolis of Moldova assumed the names of some hierarchs as their own, when it truth, they belonged to Metropolis of Bessarabia's history. The coat of arms presented in the middle of January by the Metropolis of Moldova is very similar to the one of Metropolis of Bessarabia.

Still, there are some differences. On the coat of arms of Metropolis of Moldova can be seen Nativity of Jesus, while on that of Metropolis of Bessarabia Icon of the Resurrection.

Even the mitre is different. Metropolis of Moldova has modified its Icons, having added Ștefan cel Mare, while Christ the Savior and Mother of God remained intact. National Commission of Heraldry has not yet commented the situation.

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