Messages of Moldovan political parties on the dismissal of Sandu Government

Before starting the campaign for presidential elections, Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase must make a public apology to the citizens with the Western vision, for the crisis and disappointment they have triggered. The statement was made by the interim president of the European People's Party of Moldova PPEM, Eugen Sturza, after the Sandu Government collapsed today. 

"Apart from this "bill" for egotism, lack of vision and political dilettantism, the bloc ACUM must pay for the rise of Socialists, to whom they have surrendered the key state institutions including the Chisinau City Hall. 

Sandu and Nastase are obliged to return to the people the state institutions captured by the socialists through their own complicity. This can happen by the reconfiguration of the parliamentary majority. 

If the real pro-European parties don't exist in the parliament after this liberation, we will hold the early elections for the citizens to choose people who deserve to rule the country", quoted the message of Eugen Sturza.

The Liberal Democrat also expresses his deep disappointment with the PSRM-ACUM coalition's performance, which has been dismissed after less than six months of operation. 

"The governing parties are acting irresponsibly and incapable of holding mature political dialogues. They have shows that the interests of parties prevail over the commitments made to people and international partners. 

They preferred to fight for politics not for people, leaving the country without winter budget, entrepreneurs without tax predictability, pensioners without social guarantees.

We share the same expectations with people of the Republic of Moldova: justice which respects the right of people.  

The Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova calls on all political actors in the supreme legislative forum to negotiate and seek a consensus to avoid deepening the political crisis and sliding the Republic of Moldova in the chaos of uncertainty and instability", quoted the press release of the party. 





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