Messages of Maia Sandu and Igor Dodon following the local elections

Following the local elections, Prime Minister Maia Sandu urged Andrei Nastase to return to the Government. 

"We will respect the elections and the choice of the citizens. Mr Nastase and the team have worked extremely hard in the campaign. Mr Nastase, we need you to come back to work in the Government as soon as possible. I think the people just miss a chance to have a good mayor. But the democracy is a permanent exercise. I hope Ion Ceban will keep his promises and fulfill the commitments in the electoral campaign", Maia Sandu mentioned in a press briefing. 

The chief of the cabinet also sent a message to the parliamentary majority and the President Igor Dodon. 

"We're going through the hard times when we will know if the members of parliamentary majority were sincere making the commitment to the judicial reforms. Igor Dodon needs to give up the board game which undermines this reform. 

We'll continue to fight for a true justice. I'm ready to fight within the government or on the streets along with the citizens. The Government will work with all mayors and local public authorities elected", said Maia Sandu. 

According to Igor Dodon, Ion Ceban should be the mayor of all Chisinau residents . 

"The citizens of Chisinau are the winners in this election. It was a historic moment. Ion Ceban should be the mayor of all Chisinau residents of both those who voted for him and those who didn't vote for him. I urge Mr. Ceban not to engage in politics at the City Hall.

People are expecting solutions to some concrete problems in Chisinau: roads, water, sewerage, etc. People want changes for the better. And I think this is possible," said the head of state. 

Meanwhile, Igor Dodon sent a message to the politicians in the parliamentary coalition. 

"I call on the politicians in the parliamentary majority to quickly overcome this election moment and to sit at the discussion table to find the best way to make the activity of government efficient, without emotions, pride, frustration, political interests, just with the desire to do so. 

As president of the country I will support only such an approach of the majority coalition and in the next period I will be actively involved in this process of bringing the Government closer to the citizens and solving their problems.

The Socialist party will hold internal consultations on the parliamentary majority. We support Maia Sandu Government and we are responsible for maintaining this parliamentary majority. Even if we have some proposals to increase the efficiency of the governance, we will discuss them with our partners,” stressed Igor Dodon.

Publika recalls that PSRM candidate Ion Ceban picked up 52.39% while Andrei Nastase, the candidate of bloc ACUM, obtained 47.61% of the votes of Chisinau citizens.  

The second round of local elections took place on Sunday, November 3, in the 384 localities of Moldova, where no candidate for mayor had obtained more than half of the valid votes.

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