Messages of distinguished guests invited to Eighth PDM Congress

The eighth PDM Congress, held today in Chisinau, began with speeches of representatives of international Social Democratic movement.

The first speech belonged to Secretary General of the Socialist International, Luis Ayala. In his message, the leader of the Socialist International congratulated PDM for the firmness with which it promotes ideals of social democracy.

"Social democracy was and is a force of transformation. Thanks to the efforts of people like you are, Earth's population enjoys freedom. Today, we face new challenges, new tasks. It is important to further promote peace in a world of many conflicts, to ensure equality. I am proud of the PDM role and commitment  - Moldova like any other EU Member State, must go further on the path of EU integration. We must defeat those who seek their own interests, and we, Social Democrats, need to take care of the interests of all, of the people" said Luis Ayala.

The second speech belonged to Victor Ponta, vice president of the Socialist International, Chairman of the European Affairs of the Romanian Parliament. A good friend of Moldova and PDM, Victor Ponta encouraged Democrats to continue the important actions for the country.

"It's very important to have a government that loves Moldova. We congratulate you that you succeeded in 2016 to overpass the country of hard times. PDM should be further the party that governs for the people, for all Moldovan citizens. This is key to the success of a ruling party that takes the interests of the country. I congratulate PDM for all you have done and I assure you that I will continue to support you from the position I have" said Victor Ponta.

After that followed a video message of support from Sergei Stanishev, chairman of the Party of European Socialists, who wished success to the party in achieving its objectives.

In the further speeches from abroad, Mrs. Sonja Lokar, representative of the Party of European Socialists and the Chief Executive of Central and Eastern Europe Group on gender issues addressed to PDM Congress. Ms Lokar stressed that it is an honor to welcome the Democratic Congress in the name of social democratic women.

"There are very few social democratic parties in power in Europe. If there are no social democrats in power, these are bad news for women. Populism, extremism brings the exact opposite of which us democrats and social democrats believe in. We are for peace and equality, that is why we encourage the Democratic Party to further achieve the proposed things" said Sonja Lokar.

The messages of guests from abroad ended with Dmitri Tskitishvili's speech, Chairman of the Foreign Policy Commission of the Parliament of Georgia. Social Democrat of Georgia congratulated PDM for consistently supporting Moldova's European vector.

A video message also transmitted the European deputy Victor Bostinaru, who advised PDM to promote the best solutions for the country.

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