Memorial Day at central cemetery. Artists' relatives came to commemorate them

The second day of the Memorial Day people went in the cemeteries. Dozens of people went to the Central cemetery from the Capital. There are many art personalities buried there. The relatives and friends lighted candles and remembered the dead.

Lidia Botezatu remembered Mihai Dolgan. The singer says that she comes very often to the cemetery and tells his husband about her worries and happy moments.

"I was coming him and complaining and I think he was hearing me", said Lidia Botezatu", singer.

"We were waiting for him all the time, he is an idol for us."

Nicolae Sulac's sister came to commemorate the dead singer. Even if  a lot of years has passed since he passed away, he grief is like always.

"I am coming at least twice a year. I am remembering of him and I am living with the memories", said Elena Sulac.

People of culture and the ones who admired Grigore Vieru and Mihai Volontir's art came to commemorate them today.

"They left behind a great remnant", said Ninela Caranfil.

"We were blessed as they were surrounding us. We should follow their example", said Gheorghe Duca.

"A lot of people who fighted for the dignity of our country passed away."

During this holiday, the municipality involved additional buses and minibuses to help the people to go at the cemetery.

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