Members of Diaspora are mad regarding the denigration campaign against them launched by the trolls of PAS-PPDA block

The members of Diaspora are mad regarding the denigration campaign against them, that was launched by the trolls of PAS-PPDA block, writes

"If you try to expose your own opinion on a problem, and the ladies are careful if this opinion does not coincide or even more severely criticize a bloc leader Now you risk being mocked, humiliated, labeled by bloggers and trolls", wrote Valeriu Guşan on his Facebook page.

The leader of the PAS youth organization, Dan Perciun, sees no problem in the situation. He believes a representative of the diaspora has exposed his position and others disagreed with it. This approach has been made dust by Internet users.

"If you are trying to expose your personal opinion, you are at once labeled, but why do not you try to see why this is the case? Where is democracy, free speech ...? we do in the USSR",Interviewer Igor Borfotina told Perciun.

It was also supported by other Moldovans from the diaspora: "I do not think we will have democracy, and so they still do not have power, what will be after they get the power ...", is contained in another comment.

We remind that after expressing its dissatisfaction with Maia Sandu's candidacy on the Western Europe constituency, Moldovan settled Igor Cereteu was subjected to suburban attacks by the PAS-PPDA binomial trolls.

"You lost the last gram of good sense when you started writing to friends, family, it's ridiculous! You violate any principles of democracy with such behavior", Cereteu replied in a Facebook post.

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