Meetings between CNA and parents, teachers on illicit money collection at kindergartens

National Anti-corruption Center carries on campaign in kindergartens. 

The Center officers will attend today a meeting with parents and teachers in kindergarten 183 about the subject of informal taxes and solutions proposed by the NAC to stop them.

Throughout the campaign, parents will be urged not to participate in illicit money collection, and preschool school leaders will display budgets for the year 2019 and the list of urgent needs of kindergartens.

Several meetings with parents, parents' associations and committees, teaching staff, representatives of territorial education inspectorates are due to take place by the end of January.

The purpose of these meetings is to raise the issue of the illicit collection of money from pre-school institutions and to identify the legal solutions for stopping them.

The initiative comes from the General Directorate of Education, Youth and Sport of the Chisinau Municipal Council which requested the support of the CNA in order to promote a climate of integrity in the subordinated institutions and the final settlement of informal payments in the education system.

Session Chart:

Kindergarten 183- 28 January, 17:00.

Kindergarten 7- 29 January, 17:00

Kindergarten 179- 30 January, 17:00

Kindergarten 196- 31 January, 17:00

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