Medical assistants and pharmacists will be taught according to international standards

The College of Medicine in Chisinau was reorganized into the Center of Excellence “Raisa Pacalo”. The students who, this way will receive better practical abilities, will be taught according to a new program drafted according to international standards.

The Center of Excellence “Raisa Pacalo” will draft the study programs for all medicine colleges in the country. Also, the future medical assistants and pharmacists will be trained according to international standards.

“It is important to ensure a qualitative educational process, which at the end will transform in qualitative medical services for our citizens” has declared the minister of Health, Ruxanda Glavan.

The offices of the institution will be equipped with modern medical tools, which could allow the students to better learn the job of medical assistant and pharmacist.

“Here will come based on graduate exams, and after three years of study will take the ISCET standard, five years of study. The study programs based on 12 grades, here are reviewed by WHO, by an expert from Germany, and we connected many priorities to the European level” declared the manager of the Center of Excellence, Ana Manolache.

In these conditions, the students have big expectations.

Over 1,800 students are studying at the Center of Excellence “Raisa Pacalo”.

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