Measures taken by Customs Service to ease traffic during Christmas Eve

At the moment, Leușeni customs has a massive flux of travelers and vehicles.

The crossing points Leușeni and Albița are crowded, which creates difficulty for people who wish to leave Moldova and enter Romania. At the same time, the traffic is intense at the  Criva-Mamaliga customs.

In the following days, many citizens of Moldova will return home to spend Christmas together, as well as many will leave for vacations. Under such conditions, border police will activate to their maximum capacity to ease the traffic, reduce waiting time at the border control and avoid creating lines.

Therefore, people and vehicles will be monitored 24/24. In case the traffic will increase, the number of border police officers will raise, all available lanes at the crossing points will be used, as well as the number of equipment used for special control will grow, which will offer fast checking of traveling documents.

At the same time, families traveling with children, as well as those with special needs, will be allowed to passed on the lane meant for diplomatic bodies. To inform people of this, temporary signs were installed.

There is a direct connection with specialists in IT, to ensure the interoperability of all databases in order to reduce the time required for checking travel documents. At the same time, customs employees have synchronized their actions, as well as fortify their conclusions with authorities from Romanian and Ukrainian borders.

To support those who wish to pass the border there are some suggestions:

To avoid infernal lines, customs service urges for all crossing points to be used, to not overload only some of them. For choosing the optimal route, all travelers with access to internet can use the ”TRAFIC ONLINE” application, showing the real time situation in all crossing points.

In case there are additional questions, regarding crossing the border, travelers can call on 022 259 717, as well as in case they are displeased with the way border control was performed, people can call on 022 259 675, where all irregularities can be reported and actions will be further taken as stated by law.

In 2017, the most busy day at Christmas Eve was 3rd January, with an influx of 56 792 persons crossing and 12 332 vehicles crossing, while the most sought after was Leușeni customs, with 12 455 people who crossed the border.

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