Meal voucher to rise in value up to 55 lei: Prime Minister

As the Executive does not have the possibility to cancel the taxation of meal vouchers, a provisional solution has been identified to increase the value of the meal voucher from 45 lei to 55 lei.

The assurance was made by Moldovan Prime Minister Ion Chicu at the meeting with the representatives of the French companies, which issue the meal vouchers in Moldova.

Businessmen have expressed concern about amending the law on the taxation of meal vouchers in August 2019. According to French businessmen, the taxation of meal vouchers has prevented them from reaching the set goals and creates some fiscal and administrative impediments.

"We consider the health of the employees an important objective and a factor that can boost the business development in Moldova. So, you can count on our support in identifying the solutions," said the prime minister.

At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed to monitor, under the new conditions, the business evolution during the months of January-February. A meeting will be organized in March with the managers to highlight the progresses and prospects in implementing the meal vouchers. 




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