Meal ticket Bill, approved in final reading by deputies

Parliament approved in final reading the bill on meal vouchers. The initiative proposed by the President of the Legislature, Andrian Candu, and was adopted with the vote of 54 MPs.

The project stipulates the offer of meal tickets worth 45 lei. The amount will be a supplement to the basic salary and the value will be annually indexed, in term of inflation.

Accordingly, meal vouchers will only be used in canteens, cafes, restaurants or for purchasing food in business units. Meal tickets are restricted to money exchange or salary reduction. 

The initiative also includes terms against envelope wages and tax evasion. Such systems have been operating since 1954 in many European countries, including Italy, France, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, etc.

Subsequently, it was endorsed and supported by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, the Parliamentary Committee on Social Protection, Health and Family and the Committee on Economy, Budget and Finance

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