Mayor of Orhei Ilan Şor presents plans for 2018: Free public transports, renovation of kindergartens, road repairs

Mayor of Orhei, Ilan Şor has presented the activity plan for 2018 including road repairs, sidewalk renovation and lightning projects. 

Accordingly, 15 roads will be repaired next week as the official's announcement. 

"The Capital starts road repairs on Vasile Lupu street. New asphalt layer will be made, the pavement will be repaired and street lightning scheme will be changed completely", said Ilan Şor, Mayor of Orhei.

"A responsible structure for road repairs was created, comprising over hundred specialists. Moreover, hundred jobs have been created", added Ilan Şor, Mayor of Orhei.

All the block yards will be checked thoroughly. 

"We will change the asphalt layer as part of the renovation of the yards", said Ilan Şor, Mayor of Orhei.

Additionally, the Mayor also promised that all citizens would enjoy free public transports and children would benefit a cultural center this year. 

"We will have 45 new public transports. The fees won't be charged twice per day between 7:00 and 9:00 when people go to work and between 17:00 and 19:00 when they return home",  said Ilan Şor, Mayor of Orhei.

The Mayor announces that the local authorities have managed to turn all the debts accumulated by his predecessors.

"This year we guarantee a budget increase of 50%, and we will create more than 500 jobs," said Ilan Şor, Mayor of Orhei.

Furthermore, the Head of city pledged the kindergartens would be renovated. 

"We will reconstruct about 70% of the kindergarten groups attended by children in the city. We will show the whole country how we can change the look of Orhei and how we can make people's lives better", concluded  Ilan Şor, Mayor of Orhei.

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