Maximum forces deployed at Ștefan Vodă. Hundreds of militants, rescuers, carabinieri to intervene in flooding

Forces are deployed at Ștefan Vodă as the zones around the bank of Nistru river are in danger of flooding. 

According to the speaker of General Inspectorate for Urgent Situations (IGSU), field camps are organized at Ştefan Vodă. 75 carabinieri, 75 militants, dozens of rescuers will be ready to intervene should floods occur.  

Moreover, they will strengthen the dams to deal with water waves coming from Ukraine. Accordingly, 15 dumper trucks and 13 special techniques will be used. 

IGSU officers are monitoring situation along the length of Nistru river, particularly the recreation area Vadu lui Vodă. 

The Inspectorate on Friday summoned a crisis unit to set up actions necessary to prevent the risk of flooding. The event was participated by Army Forces, Moldova Water Agency, Public Property Agency, Road State Administration, Police General Inspectorate, Carabinieri General Inspectorate. 

PM Pavel Filip held a meeting and requested a crisis unit to coordinate effectively in urgent situation.  



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