Matriculation fair for crafts schools took place in Orhei

They successfully combine studies and work and are financially independent since they are teens. Almost 1,900 pupils in the country's craft schools practice a system that allows them to do so. On the occasion of the Dual Education Day, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research organized a trade fair for professional schools in Orhei.

Mihail Porcereanu is a student of such an institution, but at the same time he works at the local wiring factory.

"There are good working conditions, it's not hard work, I'm an engineer, that's what I mean", I fix "the cars that broke ".

Like his colleagues, the young man signed a contract with the employer who did a reduced work program. Now, besides the 500 lei worth scholarship he receives a salary of 1500 lei.

"They do not have money from their parents. The money is gathered to have a whole month of spending: food, clothes and other stuff", explained Mihai Porcereanu.

Other pupils say they no longer depend on their parents. Moreover, after graduation they are secured with a job:

"We can also learn something at school, and we learn to work faster.
- What salary do you get?
- 1,800 lei ".

"Anyway, I'm glad, because parents do not have to spend. I'm already spending myself alone."

At present, around 90 companies are involved in this project.

"In the practical phase, students have the apprenticeship salary they receive on a monthly basis throughout the traineeship. Besides, we also offer free transport and food," said Nina Ungureanu, Plant Training and Development Coordinator.

"We have pupils who also received 4,000 and 5,000 ROL, but they are striving students who meet the requirements," said Natalia Ionco, the head of the Human Resources Department of the enterprise.

"We want this, as for the next years, the number of beneficiaries or student pupils to grow, so to reach 2200 pupils per year," said Angela Cutasevici, State Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.

Several Gymnasium students from the region who came to the event say they also want to choose this form of education:

"I like to learn, but also to work, because I'm from the village and we work and learn."

"Do not depend on anyone, to be alone, to have my money."

"Today I think this is better, because there are too many at universities and they have to be craftsmen and people to work."

For the first time, dual education was applied in Moldova in 2014.

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