Match of the year 2019: World champion players are 62 times more valuable than Moldovan football players

The difference between the national teams of Moldova and France is huge. World champion players are estimated at over one billion euros and are 62 times more valuable than our team's footballers.

Friday, Moldova and France will meet in Chisinau in the preliminaries of the European Championship in 2020. The match will be broadcast live at PRIME from 21 and 45 minutes, and my colleague Mihai Sitnic gives us more details about the two teams.

World Champion in Exercise, France is one of the most expensive teams in the world.

The national players of the "Gallic Cockroach" cost a total of one billion and 130 million euros, 62 times more than the national football team of the Republic of Moldova. Our players are estimated at around 18 million. 

France's most expensive footballer is Kylian Mbappe. The 20 year old striker who plays at the PSG costs 200 million euros on the transfer market. Mbappe is topped by another striker, Antoine Griezzman of Atletico Madrid. EUR 150 million is the market share of 27-year-old footballer. And the top 3 is ended by a striker. Ousmane Dembele is 21 years old, representing FC Barcelona and costing 120 million euros.

Moldova can not boast such large amounts. In fact, the 3 most valuable "tricolori" cost a total of about 7 million and a half euros. The first on the list is Artur Ionita. The 28-year-old midfielder plays in Cagliari Calcio in Italy and is worth 4 million euros, or 50 times less than the most expensive French footballer. Ionita is followed by national team captain Alexandru Epureanu. The 32 year old defender is the Turkish team, Istanbul Bashkhehir, and costs 2.25 million euros. The last in the top 3 is the young hope of our team, Vitalie Damascan. The 20 years old striker is legalized in Torino, Italy, and is worth 1.2 million euros.

The French are also much better in terms of wages earned from club teams. The best-paid footballer of the national "Gallic Cock" is Antoine Griezzmann. Atletico Madrid's star has an annual salary of 40 million euros. This is followed by Kylian Mbappe. Just 20 years ago PSG's striker is paid 21 million euros. The ranking is completed by Paul Pogba. The 25 years old midfielder is paid by Manchester United with 17 million euros a year.

Even in this chapter, Moldovan footballers can not compete, and the differences are equally huge. For example, the best-paid French player Antoine Griezzmann has a 66 times higher salary than the best-paid Moldovan footballer, Artur Ionita. Our player has a salary of around 600,000 euros per year, while Griezzmann raises the LUNAR nearly six times more, or 3 million and 145,000 euros. Ionita is followed by Alexandru Epureanu, who receives annually 480,000 euros.

The only aspect we can compete with the queen of world football is the average age. The French Lot has an average age of 27 years, just like our national team. On top of one another, we take into account the huge difference between the two teams.

For our country, the football match is an event of major importance, because Moldova will be the host of the world champion, and on the day of the match all the spotlights will be directed to Chisinau. So do not miss the match between the Republic of Moldova and the world champion in exercise, France, which will be disputed on March 22 and can be traced directly to PRIME. Let the Champions come.

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