Massive searches in trafficking case of ferrous and non-ferrous metals waste

Officers from the Economic Fraud Investigation Division of the National Investigation Inspectorate, along with Prosecutors from the Prosecutor's Office for Combating Organized Crime and Special Causes have performed 10 searches in Rezina and Drochia cities, upon multiple persons implicated in an illegal scheme of trafficking ferrous and non-ferrous metals waste.

During the searches, journals containing notes regarding the illegal activity of the suspects, over 150 000 kg of ferrous waste and over 15 000 kg of non-ferrous waste, without origin documents, worth around 1 000 000 lei were confiscated.

PUBLIKA reminds that a 35-year-old man from Ukraine, was caught red handed while illegally exporting, through Cosăuţi customs, Copper waste worth over 300 000 lei. The suspect was arrested for 30 days.

During 3 months of documentation, the suspect supposedly had illegally exported non-ferrous metals from Republic of Moldova to Ukraine, worth over 3 000 000 lei.

While searching the warehouse and the car, officers have found and seized goods without origin documents, notes mentioning the activity of searched persons, cell phone numbers, two 100 US dollars bills, with signs of being false.

All suspects mentioned in the case risk to 10 years of imprisonment. 

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