Masons professional day celebrated in Moldova

Almost 35,000 Moldovans working in constructions celebrate their professional day today. However their number is far too small for the economy branch to develop, says Regional Development and Constructions minister Vasile Bîtca.

The authorities deem to develop several projects to attract as fast as possible more investments and specialists in the field.

"There are many professions yielding more money than the higher education in Moldova. There cases when a wielder gets about 20,000 lei ($1,000.) You may realize they are in big demand in all the country," Vasile Bîtca says.

"We need about 4 million euros to develop the so-called eurocodes. They will yield benefits in every construction. Also in building roads. Our Romanian colleagues already build according the European codes and standards,” the minister says.

Another objective is passing the Urbanism and Constructions Code. "It’s going to be as a Bible in the area, it will regulate everything: from the start of the construction to reporting it as ready to be used," Vasile Bîtca specified, and then congratulated the Moldovan masons with their professional day.

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