Mărțișor - 2018: Joc dance ensemble entertained its guests on the stage of National Palace

The stage of the National Palace was yesterday taken by Joc dance ensemble. It was the last spectacle within the Mărțișor - 2018 International Festival.

Not many could remain seated for long, as all wished to dance:

"It is a pleasure to see how they dance. It makes us wish to imitate and dance with them."

"A beautiful concert, our Moldovans are great, they have done a beautiful work."

While for foreign guests, Moldova's traditional dance was a whole new world:

"It is amazing! The dance was impressive and filled with energy."

People claim that Mărțișor Festival has outdone itself this year:

"Very beautiful. It was interesting as in the past years, but it exceeded all my expectations."

"A great spring concert. We hope this beautiful tradition will not stop for many years to come."

Mărțișor Festival reached its 52nd edition. It begun on March 1 and lasted for 10 days, having organized 54 spectacles in 13 districts from Moldova. The event hosted entertainers from Romania, Russia, Georgia and Italy. Ministry of Culture has allocated 2.5 million lei to organize the festival.

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