Markets to soon be filled with Christmas trees. What prices citizens can expect

Markets will soon be filled with Christmas Trees. This year, 58 thousand trees will be set for sale, 56 thousand will be spruces and 1 600 of pines, amounting with 10 thousands more than in 2016. 

Most Christmas Trees will come from Strășeni - 26 000 pieces; followed by Edineț - 8 000 pieces;  Tighina - 5 500 pieces; Călărași - 2 500; Hâncești - 2 300  pieces.

The height of a Christmas Tree varies between 1 and 6 meters, the biggest quantity, over 41 thousands are up to 1,5 meters, while their prices are set. A 1 meter spruce will cost 36 lei, while of pine 25 lei, tax included. 

For trees that are higher than 6 meters, the price is set to be 100 lei for each meter of spruce and 70 lei for pine, while is added on top of the prices mentioned above.

"Moldsilva" Agency has sent for examination to the State Ecology Inspectorate an request authorizing cutting down trees that can be used for Christmas.

Cutting trees illegally is punished with 40 to 50 conventional units fine, while juridical persons can receive 400 to 500 conventional units fine, or unpaid community work.

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