Marina Tauber said Zinaida Greceanii doesn't deserve the Parliament's President function because her husband is mentioned in the Kroll 2 report. PSRM's rection

Sparking reactions in the Parliament on the Kroll 2 report subject. The SOR Party MP, Marina Tauber, suggested that Zinaida Greceanii doesn't deserve her function as the Parliament's President because of her husband, who's name is mentioned in the Kroll 2 report.

'The Parliament's President is mentioned in the Kroll 2 report and her husband is the beneficiary of multiple stolen bank funds. Maybe we must vote for other person to be promoted as the Parliament's President', said Marina Tauber.

Zinaida Greceanii replied to Tauber of having lack of imagination:

'You're not quite inventive when charging someone. You don't have the capacity to be more inventive'.

In her defense came came her party colleague, Ion Ceban: 

'I think that your insolence pushed all the boundaries. Zinaida Greceanii is not mentioned into the report'.

Also, the former liberal-democrat suggested that the General prosecutor must raise the SOR Party MPs immunity which names appear in the Kroll 2 report.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that on Thursday, was published the Kroll 2 report. The document contains multiple names of popular politicians of our country, but also companies administrated by them. Among them are: Petru Lucinschi, Igor Dodon's relative - Viorel Melnic, Vlad Filat's relatives companies, Zinaida Greceanîi's husband and the No.1 CSI raider, Veaceslav Platon.

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