Marian Lupu will represent Moldova at Socialist International meeting in New York

Democratic Party of Moldova leader, Marian Lupu is having an official visit in USA, where he will attend a meeting of the Socialist International in New York.

On this occasion, the PDM leader will meet with political leaders, heads of international organizations and the important opinion makers in the world, arrived with the occasion of the General Assembly session of the United Nations.

Marian Lupu, as Vice President of the Socialist International Presidium meeting will attend the IS presidium and a meeting with heads of states and governments of the world, family members of socialism. PDM leader has scheduled several bilateral meetings with leaders of the European political parties, senior officials from EU Member States.

At the meetings Marian Lupu will talk about the situation in Moldova and dedicated to progress on the road of European integration. PDM leader will seek international partners to increase support for Moldova and development projects in our country.

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