Marian Lupu: "Supporting and protecting families is and will be government's priority"

Supporting and protecting families is and will be the priority of the government. And in this respect will you identified new solutions for husband and wife to stay together in Moldova, education and child protection. This is the message of Marian Lupu to inhabitants of Ungheni district.

In discussions with students and staff teaching at the College of Medicine from Ungheni district, Marian Lupu stressed that "just by approaching the EU will modernize sectors vital to society and to protect the family. So we will have greater resources, which we will use to care and protection of families, increase salaries, including medicine ".

"It is true that we still have more work to do to modernize hospitals and dispensaries, to motivate health personnel. The government understands the importance of medicine and take steps in this direction. As proof, salary fund in medicine grew from 1 July to 20-per-cent and the focus was on youth income residents. In order for this sector to progress, the entire country needs to develop and progress towards the European path" , argued Marian Lupu.

Two provocateurs appeared in Ungheni district in the PDM's European Caravan sent probably about the destructive group, which has no own messages or other solutions to stand out. Democratic Party abhors such methods to undermine its pro-European campaign and calls potential competitors to become reasonable and comply with legal and civilized norms of behavior.

The "Together we are stronger" campaign, carried out by PDM in all districts of the country during September, aims to promote European values in Moldova and the European integration option.

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