Marian Lupu ready to deal with reform in Education

The Democrats’ (PDM) presidential candidate, Marian Lupu, is ready to deal with the reform in Education, focusing on the pattern of school funding.

On the occasion by the Teacher Day, marked today in Moldova, Marian Lupu has met with over 100 teachers in Sângerei town, speaking about increasing funds for Education and the reform of the university education.  

The PDM candidate says the current curriculum must be improved: "I see the need and am going to get involved personally to better the school curriculum, which not balanced by far. Children learn many things in school they are not going to need and don’t need what they will need."

Marian Lupu says the Universities must prepare the specialists the economy needs: "Moldova does not need 35 Universities, a system yielding but little quality. The diplomas of 2/3 of them are but pieces of paper. This country does not need tens of thousands of lawyers." 

The teacher showed interest for the education-related plans of the Democratic candidate.

He will support the creation of excellence centers to train gifted children.

InSângerei, the PDM president also met with physicians, telling them he would insist to allocate for the health system an amount equaling 5% of the country’s GDP.

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