Marian Lupu on yesterday's earthquake: Let's avoid political earthquakes

An earthquake generates fear to any person with a normal psychic. The same happens in case of instability in society and country. The president of the Democratic Party of Moldova, Marian Lupu, wrote on a social network that any normal person wants progress, builds for his family, works to have a better situation.

At the same time,an overnight political cataclysm can throw us back in the past with years and decades, mentioned Marian Lupu.

He also wrote that in such a situation we could lose again the route of European development, we could count the destructions and the victims. That is why we have to clean the ruins and to remake all what we lost.

The politician warns that during this fall we will be shaken again. But it is in our power to keep Moldova on the right track and to not allow a political earthquake.

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