Marian Lupu: 'Laws assumed by Government will make banking transparent'

Democratic Party leader Marian Lupu refutes allegations that the recent Government-assumed laws on bettering the banking system are going to be a burden for the citizens. Meeting locals in Donduşeni and Ocniţa districts, the presidential candidate explained the Cabinet’s decision is a prerequisite of the International Monetary Fund.

The PDM hopeful maintains the seven bills the Government assumed responsibility for will bring transparency to the financial-banking sector: "No tax will be raised, no wage will be decreased, on the contrary the wages will be raised."

Marian Lupu also said he pleads for a fair campaign and resorts to no lewd attacks against his opponents: "I don’t come before the people to make dirty other candidates. It’s neither human, nor Christian. You don’t have to have much mind, much preparation to pour dirt on somebody, do you?"

Marian Lupu talked with the people about reforming the pensioning system, fighting corruption and attracting European investments.

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