Marian Lupu launched himself in the electoral campaign (PHOTOREPORT)

DP candidate to the position of president, Marian Lupu, has launched himself in the electoral campaign. He chose a special place for this, the University which marked in his forming as a leader. He thinks that the major objective of creating well-paid work places and the development of sectors with potential may be offered only by the European integration.

“That is why I am a convinced supporter of the European integration. None other action will have a positive impact on people’s lives more than the admission to the EU. If we join our forces for the European integration, our path for a better future, especially for youngsters, becomes a clear one” declared Lupu.

Marian Lupu is convinced that the European integration has a clear benefit: “It helps us to make the systemic reform necessary for the public authorities to better serve the citizens”.

At the same time, DP candidate scored some of its priorities for the mandate for president.

“As president of the country I will create a new structure - an international commission, composed of well-known personalities from Europe, to investigate corruption in government in Moldova and to make concrete suggestions how to eradicate this phenomenon. I will also appoint a group of lawyers and law professors from Moldova to monitor the operation of integrity - to investigate and make proposals for severe penalties for officials. Nobody will dare to ignore their obligations to serve the public interests and make illegal wealth of public realm function” declared Lupu.

Marian Lupu promises to insist on the creation of new educational institutions with modern technology, so that young people have access to needed 21st century jobs here in Moldova.

Marian Lupu is an economist by profession and understands very well that the future of Moldova is next to the West. But for this we have to work," said Ghenadie Munteanu, farmer.

"I believe that in our country there is a person who differs much from others through his intellect, the experience he has and his skills. This person is Marian Lupu," said president of the League of Democratic Students of Moldova State University, Alina Alexei.

At the launching event, Marian Lupu came with his wife, Victoria Lupu. Also the father of PDM candidate, Professor Ilie Lupu, came to support him.

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