Marian Lupu: Industrial park to be built in Hancesti

Developing businesses, industry and human lives can be insured not in the Capital only. This has been proven by Hânceşti local authorities, who have carried out projects worth millions of dollars.

The Democrats’ leader Marian Lupu paid a visit to the district and got to know these accomplishments.

Meeting civil servants and businesspeople, the PDM candidate said relaunching the economy fast could be done by starting up industrial firms.  

"These new plants and firms, investments should be taken to districts, where there is some infrastructure, closer to labor sources. Following the actions we have undertaken, an Industrial Park is to be opened here in Hânceşti," the PDM presidential hopeful. 

"Hânceşti will be number one. My team and myself have attracted many things to Hânceşti town, many plans are running. They are worth hundreds of millions of lei," said Hânceşti mayor Alexandru Botnari. 

Speaking on agriculture, Marian Lupu pointed out: "Stabilizing the banking sector will lead to easing the crediting policy. In the coming four years, implementing the EU Association Agreement, we’re going to see lots of financial opportunities for the private sector."

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