Marian Lupu in Drochia district: Raising salaries is priority of Democratic Party

The small salaries and shortage of young professionals are the key problems in the food safety sector. Employees from this field met with Democratic MPs in the tour promoting Marian Lupu for president.

But the civil servants say considerable investments have been done lately in the sector, making easier the employees’ work. 

In Drochia district, the employees of the National Food Safety Agency say their biggest problem is the insufficient remuneration, but they hope for the better.

"We’ll try to make everything right. I realize 2,000-3,000 lei for a public servant is a small salary. Since the new government is in power, the pensions got indexed by 10 %, the natural gas and the electricity cheapened by 10%, the teachers’ salaries have grown by 8.6%, the doctors’ – by 20%," said PDM legislator Cornel Padnevici.

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