Marian Lupu, first registered candidate in election race. Central Election Commission announced 16,500 verified signatures

The Central Election Commission decided to register the candidate of Democratic Party of Moldova, Marian Lupu in the electoral race for the presidential election on October 30.

CEC decision comes after checking the set of documents submitted by the initiative group of the party, including subscription lists with signatures of citizens in support of the candidacy of Marian Lupu. The Central Election Commission announced the nominal 16,500 verified signatures are indeed found 15 thousand signatures necessary for registration and stopped checking signatures because of the minimum requirements have been met. 

DPM chairman had on this occasion a message to all those who supported him. "Thank you for your support. Group organization appreciated my initiative and I promise we will fight to make Moldova an European country with European living conditions" , said Marian Lupu.

"The only way to succeed is to make development objectives for the country. Our goals should be concrete orientated with clear beneficiaries on topics that are a priority, to exterminate corruption and to make the government reform to provide public services, to protect the family, women and children, grow the economy and the number of jobs to modernize villages" , said Marian Lupu.

Marian Lupu said that the campaign will be an open one, so that everybody knows what he promotes, and people to choose consciously and responsibly. 

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