Marian Lupu: Fight against corruption and public administration reform among Moldovan major challenges

Fight against corruption and low capacity of public administration to develop policies remain major challenges for Moldova. The statement was made by Democratic candidate for president of the country, Marian Lupu, who had several meetings with residents of Anenii-Noi and ialoveni districts.

PDM leader argues that, as the head of state, will create an international commission of legal professionals in the European Union and Moldova that will investigate corruption in government.

"The task of the commission will be monitor and control activities of all law enforcement agencies in Moldova. In particular those directed towards combating high corruption, with the involvement of officials in Chisinau. I have the acceptance of my colleagues from Brussels on this formula" ,  said Democratic candidate for president, Marian Lupu.
PDM leader visited a winery in Ialoveni town, where he discussed the development of rural tourism and wine.

"Last year we started to develop a new direction - wine and rural tourism. It is very simple, not complicated. However, the rural tourism you can not put on a level with a gourmet restaurant in the center of Chisinau. We promote Moldovan ancient traditions and not too be included in the modern rules", said an employee of the tourism sector.

"I think this is the only way that foreigners will be interested in. They get tired of products with chemicals and want natural, tasty, simple kitchen. Luxury restaurants they've seen enough, they want to see a cottage" , said Marian Lupu.

This year, over 100,000 visitors from home and abroad celebrated the Wine Day in the capital and the wineries of the country.

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