Marian Lupu: Brussels has recognized the progresses made in Moldova

Brussels has recognized the progresses made in Moldova, for our country to receive support in implementing the EU Association Agreement and become closer to the European community. The declarations were made by co-president of Euronest, Marian Lupu, who will lead in the following days a delegation from Chisinau to Brussels.

The official met with Knut Fleckenstein, who appreciated the reforms from Moldova.

"The Association Agreement can be felt more and more. The commitment of pro-European parties for European integration continues. We know of the issues with the President, that sometimes arise, between the Government and opposition, but it is noticeable that the country is taking important stets toward EU, even if it needs our support" Knut Fleckenstein mentioned.

The two officials spoke of promoting the macro-financial assistance, export solutions and advantages, as well as Moldovans who live in EU member states. Marian Lupu claims that such a dialogue is necessary for MEPs to create a clear and correct opinion on Moldova.

"Republic of Moldova must be visible, the Government must be visible, especially in Brussels, to represent the country's real situation, existing problems and solutions, because this is the only way to build a sustainable partnership" Marian Lupu said.

The European Parliament will hold hearings on Republic of Moldova's achievements in the European integration process. For the first time, it will take place between three parliamentary groups: Social Democratic deputies, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe and European Free Alliance. The delegation from Chisinau will summarize PDM's governance for the past two years, of the Government led by Pavel Filip and of the Parliament.

"The platform offers us the possibility to discuss important strategic subjects for the current and future relations between Moldova and EU" Marian Lupu said.

Officials will also speak of prohibition of foreign propaganda, as well as the new Audiovisual Code, that will be voted in the first session.

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