Marian Lupu: Attracting investments and creating new jobs as priorities

Two of the main priorities of the Democratic presidential candidate, Marian Lupu, is attracting investments and creating new jobs. He promises that, from the position of head of state, will talk directly with foreign investors to convince them to expand their businesses in Moldova. 

The statement was made during a meeting with residents of the Causeni district, where a free economic area was established. And the locals think this will lead to the development of the region.

According to official statistics, so far, investments of over 200 million dollars were made in the Free Economic Zones.

"We have decided and voted, the establishment of free economic zone here. To create the necessary infrastructure and tax conditions to be attractive to investors. As head of state, vision, and my commitment is not only by the Government, not just give orders personally talk to investors, to attract, to bring them in Moldova" , said Marian Lupu.

Currently, most residents of Free Economic Zones coming from EU countries, especially Germany and Italia. Locals of Causeni town welcomes this initiative and hopes that the district will prosper:

"A very good idea to have a free economic zone in Causeni town, first we will have jobs. The infrastructure will be different when there will be investments"

"It's really good if something  like this will happen, because I personally am unemployed, and I would agree to have a Europe here at home".

Over 6,500 employees are working on the territory of Free Economic Zone, and are paid monthly an average of 5,500 lei.

During the election tour, Marian Lupu was present at the kindergarten in Causeni  town.

"Today we are witnessing an accomplished project" , said Marian Lupu.

"Our conditions are very pleasant, very nice, we never expected such beauty, and I think that over time our children will be extraordinary" , said an employee.

At the end of the visit in the Causeni town, Marian Lupu went to the district hospital, where several sections have been renovated recently from European funds.

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