Map of uninominal circumscriptions for 2018 elections

Each citizen of Republic of Moldova can find out on what circumscription he will vote at the next parliamentary elections. The final map of the 51 uninominal circumscriptions was presented to the Ministers Cabinet and published on the Government's web-site. At the next session of the Government it will be approved.

In a short time from the presentation the first reactions started to appear. The President of PAS, Maia Sandu is not satisfied that abroad there will be only three circumscriptions, even if the party refused to participate at the commission works.

''As the Government rejected our opinion, the same would have happened if we participated at the commission. Since those from the Government came, they don't take into consideration our opinion'', said Maia Sandu.

At the same time, PAS accused the Government that the works of the commission were monopolized by democrats and socialists. The opinion was rejected by CEC's president, Iurie Ciocan.

''It is very easy to criticize. The representatives of PAS, Liberals and Communists didn't send their members to the commission. The solution of the commission is an equilibrated one, good structured on the map, without any territorial imbalances and political influences'', said Iurie Ciocan, CEC's President.

The Democratic Party reacted at Maia Sandu's opinion too. The spokesman of the party, Vitalie Gamurari said Maia Sandu's speech is manipulator, populist and without any arguments. He said that she could have said about her opinions previously, because all the meetings were transmitted live. Now, when everything is finished she started to talk about what she doesn't like.


According to the final map, there are 46 uninominal circumscriptions on the map. For Transnistria and Diaspora there will be opened other five circumscriptions.

12 circumscriptions will be opened in the south of the country, inclusively in Gagauzia, other 12 there will be in the north and other two in Balti.

For the central zone there will be 11 circumscriptions and other 11 there will be in Chisinau.

Moldovans from the left side of Nistru will have two deputies in the Parliament. One circumscription there will be for Camenca, Ribnita and Dubasari districts and another one for Grigoriopol, Tiraspol and Slobozia districts.

For Diaspora there will be three deputies in Parliament: one for the Moldovans from Russia, one for those from Europe and the third for the Moldovans from the USA and Canada.

According to the CEC, till the present moment there are 2 million 873 thousand 707 citizens who have the right to vote.



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