Many PAS and PPDA MPs might leave parties due to lack of transparency: Experts

Many MPs of Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) and Dignity and Truth Platform Party (PPDA) might leave the parties due to the lack of transparency in process of making decisions. Many experts were of this opinion while talking in the Publika TV show In the spotlight.  

They reckon that many actions taken by the current government have sparked outrage among people and politicians. 

"The leadership of this alliance is blamed because many decisions are not discussed within the fractions. Only two, three people decide while the topic is not tabled at all. The other party of this governing alliance also shares the same situation.", commented political analyst Valentin Crîlov.

"This division will inevitably unavoidable. Bloc ACUM has lost its voters' trust for long. People no longer want to vote for these politicians", said director of Intellect Group, Ian Lisnevschi.

One of the motives for dissent within the coalition is diametrically opposed regarding the foreign policy, say experts. 

Another is the decisions which affect seriously the image of governing parties, including the fiscal policies, tax raise. 

On September 18, MP Octavian Țîcu left DA Platform, ACUM, group but remained within the ACUM bloc as an independent MP. 

He explained that he disagreed with agreements and grievances made by PAS-DA with Socialist Party, the appointments to some positions including of Vladimir Ţurcan who was elected Constitutional Court president. 







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