Mandate validation of mayor Andrei Năstase postponed again. CECC requested judge's appeal

Validation of the mandate of the mayor Andrei Năstase was postponed againThis time, the Chişinău Electoral Council (CECC) requested, even during the court session, the appeal of magistrate Valentin Lastaveţchi, for the fact that the judge gave opinion about the electoral illegalities committed by the two candidates - Ion Ceban and Andrei Năstase.

"Both candidates have committed illegal actions and the elections have to be invalidated or validated because both of them have committed illegal actions and this somehow compensates," Valentin Lastaveţchi, Center at the Center of the Chisinau Court, said.

Now the court is going to delegate another magistrate.

During the hearing, Andrei Năstase's supporters protested to the court. Subsequently, they went to the City Hall of Chisinau, where the municipal council was held.

They called for the exclusion from the agenda of a project, which has happened.

The previous hearing was postponed due to two complaints filed by the Socialists with the CSJ on electoral irregularities and the lack of documents from the first round of local elections. Last Monday, the District Electoral Council filed the papers for validation of the mandate on the judges' table.

According to the law, the court has ten days to expose itself to the request.

Chisinau's elected mayor, Andrei Năstase, accused the responsible institutions of delaying the process of validating the elections.

Năstase was contradicted by the Electoral Code.
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