Manager of limited liability company detained by NACC officers for influence peddling

The manager of a Limited Liability Company that faces insolvency has been detained by National Anti-corruption Center officers and Anti-Corruption prosecutors for influence peddling.

The NACC officers have been informed by an Italian citizen who said the manager has claimed 1,500 euros in order for her to influence the employee of the State Tax Inspectorate in Falesti district. 

The company specializes in construction and would have had a debt of 3 million lei to the state.

According to preliminary information, the manager acted along with the lawyer from Falesti district.

The manager of the company has been caught red-handed after receiving the money and has been detained for a period of 72 hours. 

If found guilty, she risks a sentence of imprisonment of up to 6 years or a fine of up to 4,000 conventional units - the equivalent of 200 000 lei.

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