Man that tried to run over police officers caught

The minibus driver, who tried to run over police officers guarding the front entrance of Moldova 1, was identified and taken into custody this morning, wrote

According to the police, it is not the man's first law breaches.

In March he was caught drunk driver, investigated and deprived of driver licence.

He was fined with 28 000 lei.

At the time, Ion Matasevici, driver of a Mercedes Sprinter, tried to run away from the police, but was caught and taken to the Police Department.

After investigation, Matasevici was fined for driving on the opposite lane, but also for driving unauthorized a car not fitting his driving licence category.

43-year-old Ion Matasevici, was arrested last year for violent protestation on Bulgară street, when multiple Andrei Năstase supporters started taking bricks and throwing them at police officers.

He was detained, along with three other aggressors. At the moment he is an active suspect in the case of violence from 24th April 2016. If found guilty, the man risks 4 to 8 years of imprisonment.

After the harassment from Năstase supporters, 17 officers were injured by bricks thrown at them.

 Leader of "Dignity and Truth Platform" Party, Andrei Năstase, lost control over the crowd gathered gathered on 24th April 2016, tried to place the blame on agitators. Then, wrote that over 4 detained aggressors were active supporters of Dignity and Truth Platform Party.

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