Man from Lărguța village passed away from smoke inhalation in his own house

A 36-year-old man from Lărguța village, Cantemir had passed away in his own house, due to smoke inhalation.

Firefighters were alerted of a fire bursting, but villagers managed to take it out, prior to their arrival.

The flames have destroyed a bed from one of the rooms. It the same room was found the deceased body of the house's owner.

According to Civil Protection and Exceptional Situations, the cause of death is most likely smoke inhalation, as it is common in fires.

The cause of flames are being investigated, teams from Civil Protection and Exceptional Situations and Cantemir police department have arrived on site.

General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations urge citizens to respect the security norms, while those taking care of children, elders, disabled people to strictly monitor them to avoid any incidents.

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