Man from Glodeni suspected of theft and false claims

A 41-year-old man from Glodeni is accused of robbery and false alert.

He called the police an evening before, declaring that after parking the car, he left the keys in and the next morning found it missing.

The police found the car at the edge of Movileni village, Glodeni. Further, the police asked the Border Police ,"Valea Rusului" for help, who involved the K9 and following trail found the car's owner.

After an investigation, the police noticed that on the night of October 11, the man and his 17 year old neighbor went to Viisoara`s vineyards in Glodeni, where they stole grapes. While stealing, they were noticed by two guards from Viisoara and fled. Arriving to Movileni, they realized that the car was seen and decided to declare it missing.

After searching the car, the police officers found grapes remnants.

The man confessed and now risks a 2 500 lei fine for false theft claims.
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