Man from Capital drove on ongoing traffic lane and got into troubles with police inspectors

A driver from Capital change the place of a traffic indicator, because he didn't like where it was placed.

Firstly, the driver was stopped by the inspectors, because he was driving on ongoing traffic lane. The incident took place last night at intersection between Alexandru cel Bun and Maria Cebotari streets from Chisinau.

The man didn't lie that a traffic sign forbids the access on a street with a single sense, as it is installed in a wrong way and he didn't notice it.

"How can I notice it? I am 1, 85 meters tall, while the indicator is 1,80 meters tall. How could you install it like this? It is not right", said the driver.

"It is well-known that Alexandru cel Bun street is with a single sense. The man said it is not right. The indicator was installed with wire, but some people took it away", said Vitalie Guzun, patrol inspector.

To avoid the troubles, the man took away the indicator.

"He was driving on ongoing lane, we caught him and explained he can't do it. The indicator was up high, he took a wire and put it down. Also he said "What kind of an indicator is this? I don't like it"", said Vitalie Guzun.

The man will be punished both for breaching the circulation rules and deterioration of a circulation sign.

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