Man from Cahul accused of pandering and human trafficking

A resident of Cahul district is accused by prosecutors of pandering and human trafficking.

According to prosecutors, in spring 2016 the defendant, together with two Romanian citizens, made two young women from Cahul to practice prostitution. The women offered sexual services in Galati for approximately one month, and half of the income was given to defendants.

One of the victims was made to offer free sexual services to one of the accused persons, afterwards managing to run away together with the other girl.

In another period, the defendant tried to make another girl to practice pandering, but she refused.

At present, the defendant, aged 23, has the preventive measure house arrest, and regarding his accomplices the penal case was divided into a separate procedure, the persons being detained on Romanian territory.

If found guilty, the defendants might receive punishment of up to 20 years in jail.

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