Main topics discussed at common session of Parliament and Government

The Parliament and Government held today a common session where they have discussed subjects such as: executing their obligations for the European Union, Parliament's control over new laws and prioritized certain reforms. 

During the meeting, officials spoke about implementing the reforms, namely the new projects that will be created. It included the topic of raised salaries and new legislation in education. 

'We have already started a 3-year program for implementing a new Education legislation. Still, we have much left to cover and much to do, for example developing the curriculum"  Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Monica Babuc said.

They have also discussed regarding EU Association Agreement implementation, opening the topic of all they have not managed to do.

"The situation is completely different from how it was in 2015.  The sole issue we face with European Union at the moment is managing to execute all terms in time" Pavel Filip declared.

"We have already agreed that in November, the National Agency for Integrity will already be fully functional. The process has already started, but if the agency is not functioning in November we might start having issues in other areas, such as approving a new method for calculating income declarations"  Andrian Candu stated.

At the same time, officials have also decided how to report to the European Institutions regarding the reforms already implemented and those they have not managed to.

"We wish to start reporting every three month to the European Parliament, regarding the progress Republic of Moldova made. This subject will be debated during the European Integration Committee meeting" President of Foreign Affairs Committee, Violeta Ivanov announced.

"Until October 19, we will have various meeting with EU partners, where we will discuss important topics from the agreement, such as: energy, environment, transport, aviation, agriculture" Minister of External Affairs, Andrei Galbur said.

President of Moldovan Parliament has also reminded that on October 25-26 in Strasbourg will be held the session of the Parliamentary Association committee. While on October 20 the Parliament will organize a meeting to discuss the main subjects in the relations with EU that will be further discussed in Strasbourg

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