Maia Sandu's behavior during political debates on Moldova 1 went viral on Facebook

Maia Sandu's hysterical exit and lack of comments, after yesterday's political debate on National Television channel, has caused Facebook to explode with comments. People were left disappointed with her lack of self-control, comparing it to "people fighting in the Central Market", wrote

"Maia Sandu reminded me of a neighbor from my village. She jumps and yells at everyone, not even being able to defend her point of view. Everyone is at fault except for her. It was horrible, what a pity...", Adela Popa wrote on her social network.

Others blamed her of populism, as she came forth with accusations, without being able to offer solutions herself for existing issues.

Alexei Onoico wrote a fitting description of PAS leader: "Apparently Maia Sandu is "a saint among savages". She dresses in expensive clothes, while not having an official workplace and claims to be concerned for our elders. She couldn't offer any solution, not even a clear idea regarding current issues. It was all just plain populism and wish to argue with someone".

"I'm not a fan of Candu, but the way that woman makes me appreciate him. I deeply regret voting for her", Stela Griciuhina concluded.

It didn't miss the public's attention that Maia Sandu was constantly interrupting her opponent.

Vasile Drăguțanu believes that her behavior is purely specific to Igor Dodon's character.

"The way Sandu behaved reminded of Dodon. Is it truly debate when you even refuse to listen your opponent and interrupt him after every word?"

"I am also a woman and was ashamed of how Maia Sandu acted. She was wild and didn't let another input even a word, Andrian Candu had the patience of a saint, while his arguments were only adding fuel to Maia's fire", Natalia Codreanu wrote.

PUBLIKA reminds that Andrian Candu and Maia Sandu have participated in a political debate this Wednesday, October 4, on National Television channel.

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