Maia Sandu went to CSM and threatened the judges who activate according to the law but not to her indications


Gross interference in Justice. The PM Maia Sandu went this morning to the Magistracy's Superior Council session, where she gave instructions how the judges should further activate.

'You must start the true cleansing of the judiciar system, and it means that the people who took illegal decisions to leave, and the honest people to be promoted in functions because otherwise we won't be able to further activate.

These are the decisions you must immediately take', said Maia Sandu to the judges.

The PM came with threats to magistrate's address:

'If the things won't change in the following weeks, we will find solutions through Parliament and Government'.

While making pressures on the entire judiciary system of the state, Maia Sandu asked the magistrates to immediately announce her if there will be some foreign influences.

'When there are foreign pressures, you must contact me and we will do everything we can to get rid of them', declared Maia Sandu.

The PM reproached CSM members the fact that the instance didn't validate the local election results in Chisinau. As a result, the alliance colleague of Maia Sandu, Andrei Nastase, didn't become Mayor of the Capital.

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