Maia Sandu runs away from the country. She will run on Eastern Europe constituency for the parliamentary elections

Maia Sandu runs away from the country to run in the Western Europe constituency for the parliamentary elections on February 24. Even if many representatives of Moldovan diaspora consider that Maia's deputy mandate should belong to a citizen that lives abroad. The candidates of the constituencies made a press conference today.

Among PAS and PPDA representatives is Domnica Manole, a former judge who was dismissed.


She will compete in Cimislia constituency, while Dumitru Alaiba, the one who counseled Vlad Filat will compete on the constituency for the USA and Canada.

Valeriu Munteanu, the former PL deputy will run in Orhei constituency.


The decision of Maia Sandu to compete abroad was criticized by Diaspora. Alexandru Cazacu, the Presiden of DOR Moldovan Association from Italy showed his disappointment on Facebook. He said that the interests of the Diaspora should be represented by a person who lives abroad.

Thus, Cazacu urges people to fight for their rights and not to let their vote to be stolen.


"Maia betrayed us. Why Alaiba runs for Canada and the USA? Who is him? This is manipulation", said Alexandru Cazacu.

Cristina Pruteanu, a Moldovan who lives and works in Italy is also disappointed by the decision of PAS and PPDA.

"Many Moldovans won't participate at the elections, because they lost the trust in politicians. There are many persons who take part of the Diaspora and can run for the elections. I won't go to rally anymore", said Cristina Pruteanu. 

Ion Cereteu, another representative of Spain Diaspora blamed Maia Sandu of betrayal.

"You think that we are fools, right?! You think that we don't have the right to have our own candidate in the Parliament? You are stealing this right from us. Why don't you run for the Chisinau constituency?", said Igor Cereteu, Diaspora representative.

Oleg Brega civil activist who lives for two years in Romania refused to run on a common list with PAS and PPDA. He urges the Moldovans to analyze this situation and think whom to trust. 

"We count on Disapora. We think they will help us when we will reach the power", said Maia Sandu, PAS leader.

Previously, the press wrote that Maia Sandu's decision to run abroad is explained by the thing that PAS is not sure if they win any constituency in Moldova. This opinion came after the surveys have shown that people lost the trust in PAS.
Another reason is that they can make the electoral agitation on-line.

At his turn, Andrei Nastase, PPDA leader runs on No.33 constituency from Chisinau, even if previously he said that he is ready to compete with Vlad Plahotniuc, on the same constituency.

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