Maia Sandu rejected invitation to show on Jurnal TV

Maia Sandu has rejected the invitation to participate at Val's Butnaru show on Jurnal TV channel and to face Andrei Nastase, the weeding godson of Topa fugitive convicts and leader of "Dignity and Truth" party. 

Maia Sandu has rejected the invitation stating that Jurnal TV is not a neutral television. 

The statements were made live during "Shadow cabinet" show. Many observers share Maia Sandu's opinion, who claim that Jurnal TV promotes aggressively the image of weeding godson of trust owner and fugitive mafia, Victor Topa.

Moreover, the People's Anti-Mafia Movement leader Sergiu Mocanu said that no.1 raider in CIS, Veaceslav Platon is financing Jurnal TV.

Previously hundreds of citizens protested in front of Jurnal TV, accusing the station of lies and disrespect to the people of Moldova.

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