Maia Sandu: Moldova must be liberated from Igor Dodon

In an exclusive interview for the Primele Ştiri, Maia Sandu said she had never met Vlad Plahotniuc, but she saw him in Parliament, most likely on a day when the Education Code was voted or promoted.

Maia Sandu insisted she fought for democracy, for the rule of law and for a state that worked for citizens.

Moreover, Maia Sandu mentioned that Moldova must be liberated from Igor Dodon.

"We have eliminated the main impediment and unfortunately we have to liberate the country from a person, here I'm referring to Dodon. It's a person that plunges our country into bad situation: isolating us internationally, depriving us of foreign funds, promoting corruption, reopening the schemes. All these things are to the detriment of the Moldovan people. We have nothing to discuss with such a character, "said Maia Sandu, PAS leader.

Sandu and Dodon stopped discussing the moment he decided to dismiss the Sandu Government.




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