Maia Sandu: I am confident that we will win

PAS candidate, Maia Sandu came to the polling station to vote.

"I voted for the wonderful people of this country, for the people whom I rediscovered these weeks. I voted for persons who believe in truth. I want to thank all who mobilized themselves, I want to ask those who did not come yet to the polling stations, to go to vote. I thank all our citizens from the diaspora who are crossing hundreds of thousands kilometers to help us. I am relying on the vigilance of all who go to vote, on the vigilance of the observers. I am confident that we will win" said Maia Sandu.

PUBLIKA.MD mentions that according to CEC, all polling stations of the country were opened and are working in normal regime. In the basic electoral lists are registered over 2.83 million citizens with the right to vote.

For this election, CEC accredited over 4,000 observers.

The first preliminary data on the results will be presented at 22:00.

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